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Part time business ideas to earn extra money while you study

Author: Carolyn Sun

Earning money while you study will not only help you pay your bills, but may extend the experience you experience in college. 80 percent of college students in the United States work at least part time, which means that many students need options to help them buy books and build CVs while they continue studying. That’s why at 

1. IT Support 


There is never enough support of information technologies in schools. If you are someone who knows what to do when a computer breaks down, or when the printer does not want to pull or something does not work, working as a technical service can be a very lucrative way to make money.

2. Ambassador of a brand


Have you seen these handsome, extroverted and friendly young people who give away products on campus? These people are ambassadors of a brand and are paid to give things away at parties, events or in the day to day of the universities. Sometimes these jobs involve some sales, but it is a flexible part-time job that in the United States can pay $ 16 dollars per hour.

3. Cleaning work


Cleaning jobs can be well suited to your schedules and the costs to start are usually low, especially if you ask your clients to give you the material you need to work. Make sure you measure well the time you think you will take cleaning (which is usually more than one imagines) and analyze how many rooms there are and the cleaning expectations of your clients before you start. Since you are going to be working in someone else’s house, this work is based on trust. If you do a good job, your clients will recommend you with their friends. In the United States, this type of work is paid from $ 20 to $ 40 per hour depending on your location.

4. Removals



Whether you help other students move or expand your clients throughout the city, you can earn up to $ 200 for moving, plus tips (in the United States).

However, this work is not for anyone. It requires a lot of physical effort that includes lifting heavy objects, so you need to be in good shape or have some help. However, it is a flexible job that pays well, so you can join a business that already does it or start your own moving company offering your services by word of mouth, on social networks, with flyers or with a website.

5. Social media assistant



The university students are living their best moment in social networks and they know all the tools that are coming to market. Use this advantage to become an assistant or Community manager. Responsibilities will include some strategy and auditing, but most of the work involves programming content on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for brands and companies using tools such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck. The salary and title of this work varies depending on the location and industry, but in the United States the average salary starts at $ 14 dollars per hour. When you look for these vacancies, use words such as “marketing assistant”, “community manager”, “social networking expert” or “social network coordinator”.

To start, get in touch with the Marketing people of your university and with the people who manage job offers, because they usually receive vacancies for this type of work.

6. Telemarketing

live chat

Many places need young people who know how to speak and have the determination to sell products by phone, or make surveys or solicit donations, starting with your university. Check there first. These jobs are usually in the afternoon, when you finished the classes and people have returned from work. People in Telemarketing can win, in the United States, up to $ 16 dollars per hour.

7. Security guard

Working as a part-time security guard means that you can provide your services at a local bar or at events. Either way, you can accommodate it to your class schedules and earn up to $ 15.49 per hour.

8. Tutor

Shot of a teacher working with a young students while sitting in a classroom

We all have academic strengths, so find out what yours is and use it to give tutorials on that subject, either to other students in your same course or to younger people. If you did very well in the entrance exams, there you have another opportunity for tutoring for high school kids. The salary varies depending on where you live and the subjects you are going to teach, however, in the United States the average is $ 18 dollars per hour.

9. Event promoter

If you are a very social person who goes to many parties, clubs and musical or sports events and loves to connect with other people, why not use this in your favor? The local bars and clubs need event promoters to talk about the events they are going to have and the best place to do it is the universities.

Although this work was previously field (to be handing out flyers everywhere), now social networks and technology have greatly facilitated the work and the work has become much more digital. Most likely they expect you to promote an event on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach more students. Salaries in the United States start at $ 12.75 an hour.

10. Bartender

Being a bartender has its grace, it is a job that requires many skills such as taking several orders at once, preparing drinks and sometimes acting as a psychologist. Usually you have to be of legal age to be able to work as a bartender and of course, know how to prepare cocktails.

The schedules are usually in the afternoon or evening, when there are no longer classes, but they also tend to extend until late at night. In the United States, an average bartender earns $ 6.60 an hour, but to this we must add the tips that are usually the ones that make it all worthwhile. The advantage of this work is that you can meet many people, listen to fascinating stories and make incredible connections.


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